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Storm Insurance

Insurance Claims

Our highly trained staff is one of the best in the roofing industry. Their know-how is important in order to handle your insurance claim process efficiently, and give you peace of mind. Take advantage of their expertise and let them assist you in every step or the process so you will not have to worry about anything until the job is done.

Storm Damage

Storm roof damage can occur any time there are high winds or hail, even when there isn’t a “major” storm or hurricane. Some types of storm damage may include:

  • Loose or missing shingle tabs
  • Damaged shingles
  • Dented roof vents or flashings
  • Leaks caused by wind driven rains that loosened shingles

Salt Roofing’s experienced professionals will work with your insurance company to help restore your roof as soon as possible. If a bad storm has passed through your area call (352) 638-9118 and one of our professionals will be ready to inspect your roof for possible damage.

Wind Mitigation Inspections

Homeowners in Eustis, FL may be eligible for substantial home insurance discounts when they outfit their homes with windstorm mitigation features made to withstand or are more resistant to high winds.

Generally, this requires a wind mitigation inspection of the home.A certified wind mitigation inspector checks your home for attributes that minimize the impact that a hurricane or severe windstorm may have on your home.

If you would like to receive a wind mitigation inspection, our qualified residential building contractor (license #CRC056662) has over 30 years of home building experience in Eustis, FL and we can complete this inspection for you.

Roof Maintenance Program

Roof Maintenance Program

If you have a roof and want it to maintain its value and to look its best, a roof maintenance program is essential. A regular schedule of roof assessment and maintenance will ensure that your roof will hold up to harsh environment exposure, particularly to storms and to the overall aging process. This regular maintenance will not only provide a greater degree of safety for you and your family, but will also protect the investment you have in your home in Eustis, FL.

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